Highly specialized solutions for all industries

Some customers need solutions that keep the inevitable production shut-down to an absolute minimum. In such cases, LOGSTOR delivers special solutions that take less time than usual to install and which suit the customer’s needs exactly. Many special solutions demand involvement of a proactive partner to advise about the best possible solution. In this context, LOGSTOR’s technical specialists make a huge difference for our industrial customers.

Even though the solutions may require components outside our standard range, we can quickly manufacture specially designed pipes. This is due to LOGSTOR’s highly skilled technicians and engineers, who are adept at finding solutions to the exact needs of the individual customer using the agile solution set-up that LOGSTOR possesses.

For example, we have incorporated the use of PIR as insulation in our program - either for low-pressure steam systems, operating temperatures above 120 ° C or for pipe systems that require special fire-retardant insulation. If the medium is particularly aggressive or if a corrosion-protective internal coating is desired, we cooperate with one of the country's leading specialists in surface treatment, and can therefore offer a complete package.

Some pipe systems may require an outer casing made of a material other than HDPE. For such assignments, LOGSTOR supplies pre-insulated pipes with casings made of different metals or other types of plastic such as PVC or PP. In addition, we manufacture complex fittings to order so as to ensure fast and simple installation, and we can also deliver project-specific supports for pre-insulated pipes on request. 

This means we can help make sure that the installation process causes as little disruption as possible to the customer’s business.