LOGSTOR Detect is a complete system for monitoring pipe systems. It collects and interprets data from the system and performs analyses that indicate which service actions are necessary to prevent acute damage to the network.

LOGSTOR pipes can be supplied with two copper wires built into the insulation foam. The wires run the entire length of the pipe section and connect to a LOGSTOR Detect surveillance unit. This measures and registers moisture, which may have penetrated from the surrounding soil or a leak in the carrier pipe. Open wires and short circuits in the system are also registered.

If a GPRS-based surveillance program is installed, all data about the pipe system can be sent from the surveillance unit to a central computer via a wireless connection. The central computer analyses the data and issues alarms via email or text message where necessary. This makes it possible to take action before damage occurs.

Advantages of LOGSTOR Detect:

  • Central surveillance of the district heating network
  • Generation of dynamic reports on the state of the pipe system
  • Precise fault localisation
  • Detection of minor faults, allowing preventive maintenance
  • Detection of leaking joints, installation faults and other quality problems following commissioning
  • Detection of faults before the warranty expires
  • Minimisation of repair costs
  • Full exploitation of special expertise
  • Freeing up heating system resources
  • Security of supply
  • Longer lifetime for the pipe system