LOGSTOR sets new standards for welds in the energy sector. The welding process plays a crucial role in the service life of pipe systems – which places enormous responsibility on the shoulders of the individual fitter. LOGSTOR WeldMaster is a multifunctional PE welding machine that utilises the latest technologies – PDA, GPS, GPRS and 2D bar codes – to make it even quicker and safer to install the pipe systems of tomorrow. LOGSTOR WeldMaster is based on computer-controlled, thermoplastic welding technology that uses heat-conducting metal between the joint and the PE outer casing to weld the two components together and form an unbreakable pipe.

LOGSTOR WeldMaster enhances the quality of each and every weld, and makes the project significantly more efficient for the fitter. LOGSTOR’s weld joints are unique because every one of them features a 2D bar code containing the relevant product and production data, along with the associated welding information. The combination of a welding machine, a PDA and a 2D bar code on the joint allows internet-based traceability and documentation of all the welds in LOGSTOR’s pipe solutions. With efficiency, traceability and documentation, LOGSTOR is able to guarantee the best service life in the sector.

The welding process
The hand-held computer – the PDA – controls communication between the joint and the welding machine. Once the joint has been correctly positioned on the outer casing, the welding machine settings are entered automatically by using the PDA to scan data from the bar code. This minimises the risk of human error, and ensures that the welding process is carried out much more quickly than conventional PE welding. In the event of unforeseen incidents in the welding process, an error message is immediately sent to the operator. The process can only continue once the error has been rectified.

The operator maintains full control of the process while the actual welding is underway, and can start preparing installation of the next joint. The PDA notifies the operator automatically on completion of a joint installation. This automatic welding process boosts efficiency and guarantees the best possible welding quality. What is more, LOGSTOR can always supply remote support – no matter where in the world the operator may be.

Global Positioning System (GPS)

The PDA features a built-in GPS receiver that uses the satellite system to register the position of each individual joint installation and to state the date and time when the work was performed

These data are then included in the documentation made available via the internet to allow users to check the entire process and to relocate the individual installation as required.

Key functions

  • Web-based documentation provides an overview of project status.
  • Multifunctional welding machine based on new technologies such as GPS, GPRS, PDA and 2D bar codes.
  • Joints supplied with a built-in 2D bar code stating the joint product data and welding parameters.
  • The WeldMaster works with all LOGSTOR weld joints.
  • Two welds can be carried out simultaneously and independently of one another.
  • The PDA handles all product data and the automatic set-up of the welding process.
  • The GPS module registers the geographical location of the joint.
  • The PDA controls the welding process and registers all the weld data, which are then uploaded directly to the Web server.
  • If the installation is moved after welding, the new location can be registered via a new scan.
  • LOGSTOR can provide remote support for the welding process. Automatic updates of welding programs.


​LOGSTOR WeldMaster enables customers to access documentation on all the joints fitted in the entire pipe system. Once the processor has approved the weld quality, all data from the welding process are collated in the hand-held PDA and transferred together with the unique joint data directly from the PDA to a Web server devoted exclusively to this purpose.

A website then displays a graphic presentation showing the time, temperature, current and output used for each weld, and the report on the joint includes the GPS position, date, time and operator data. The geographical location of the joint can also be traced via Google Maps. This function makes it simple to relocate the individual installation and the fitter – right down to the specific weld.

All data is protected, and a user login and password must be entered for all types of access. This means that the information is not available to non-authorised persons. Quality documentation and traceability are now possible for each and every join/joint installation, no matter where in the world it was performed.

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