Food industry

Raising the standards for hygiene and service life

The food industry is our biggest industrial area. 

Our pipe systems offer economical savings when working in fields such as cooling and process systems – especially when our solutions guarantee up to 30 years of reliable service life.

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Oil and chemical industry

The finest quality and environmental safety in the sector

Operators in the oil and chemical industry transport media which can be harmful to people and the environment to a greater or lesser extent. That is why LOGSTOR’s pipe insulation is the best choice when built-in surveillance and leak detection via LOGSTOR Detect are required. 

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Pharmaceutical industry

Energy optimisation in sensitive production environments

The pharmaceutical industry is a special sector with stringent production demands, where there is no room to compromise on quality and set standards. LOGSTOR cases document that energy optimisation can usually be improved even further – to the benefit of the customer and the environment.

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Responsible disposal to the benefit of people and the environment

Dealing with wastewater in a manner that is kind to the environment is accorded high priority in all LOGSTOR solutions. LOGSTOR has a PE pipe system that carries wastewater. Our solutions are available with heat tracing, thereby saving both time and money during installation and operation. These solutions guarantee up to 30 years of reliable service life.

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Other industries

Energy improvements for all industries

Production companies typically need pipe solutions to assist with the manufacture of metal and plastic items, or even automobiles. A shared feature by all these industries is that LOGSTOR solutions guarantee them  up to 30 years of freedom from production shut-downs for the purposes of repairs and maintenance. All industries can optimise energy consumption in their production set-ups – even though they usually do not know it.

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