Intelligent surveillance 24/7

LOGSTOR Detect is LOGSTOR’s concept for complete surveillance of pipe systems. Copper wires are embedded in the insulation foam around the pipes in LOGSTOR systems and run along the entire stretch of pipe. The wires feed information back to LOGSTOR Detect units, which monitor the network for moisture or short circuits. The system makes sure that leaks or breaks in the pipe network are registered immediately, i.e. before the scope of the damage escalates.

LOGSTOR Detect allows pipe network operators to take preventative action before damage occurs or increases in scope. The system registers even minor defects, opening the door to preventative maintenance. In addition, pinpoint localisation helps cut repair costs significantly and substantially increases the service life of the entire pipe system.


Responsibility for surveillance of the supply network can be kept in-house or outsourced to LOGSTOR itself. There are several surveillance programs, which can be adapted to suit the needs of the individual customer. A GPRS-based surveillance program sends all data about the pipe system from the surveillance unit(s) to a central computer via a wireless connection. The central computer immediately analyses the data and issues alarms by email or SMS as and when necessary.

LOGSTOR also supplies hosting solutions that handle surveillance of district heating or energy companies’ supply networks. This service includes subsequent reporting of the network status, recommendations for necessary actions, support of analyses and reports, as well as continuous upgrading of the system. LOGSTOR Detect means security around the clock, with a system that reveals even the smallest complications and assures supply reliability – for the benefit of both people and the environment.