When waste energy is converted into heat in the home

Indoor heating accounts for the majority of global energy consumption, taking up 46 per cent of total energy requirements worldwide. This largely explains why LOGSTOR is seeing an increasing global desire for district heating in connection with the optimisation of existing energy resources. 

District heating can be set up using any source of energy at all, and it is an eco-friendly way to use surplus energy. We tap into the unexploited potential from the generation of electricity at CHP plants, and covert it into heat for the home.

The insulation properties of LOGSTOR products substantially reduce operating costs, as they almost completely eliminate the problem of heat loss in practice. The surplus energy from the central installation is transferred to water, which is then circulated to end users via a central system. 

If district heating is combined with district cooling, it is possible to achieve mutual energy benefits when surplus heat can be converted into cheap cooling during the summer months. And it involves clean energy, for the benefit of both people and the environment.