District heating motorways

Transmission solutions for transporting district heating can be termed ‘district heating motorways’, as they carry large volumes of district heating quickly from the source and into towns and cities. Transmission pipes are large, and they transport district heating at a higher temperature over longer distances than other pipes. As such, they can carry more heat, more efficiently. Larger pipes also lose less heat than smaller pipes, as less water actually comes into contact with the pipe walls during transport. 

The level of investment is high – as are the demands on the pipeline in operation. That is why stringent requirements apply to the quality and documentation of the transmission solutions. LOGSTOR transmission solutions provide a service life of at least 30 years – and typically operate for around 50 years. It is therefore important to include all operating costs – heat loss, electricity consumption, maintenance and so on – to produce an accurate picture of the best possible solution for the project in question. We at LOGSTOR are happy to contribute our experience to ensure optimal development of each individual project.