Responsibility for people and the environment  

LOGSTOR Detect is a complete concept for monitoring pipe systems. It is a GPRS-based surveillance system that operates 24/7 and can be adapted to suit transmission, distribution and domestic heating solutions. The system collects and interprets data from the network and runs analyses that indicate which service actions are necessary to prevent acute damage to the network. Electrical impulses from the district heating pipes identify problems as soon as they arise.

The concept has been developed with different levels of service, depending on the extent of the district heating network, and the needs of the district heating plant in question. It can cover everything from manual period checking of measurement results, to fully automated and digitalised surveillance. In its most comprehensive form, the surveillance system notifies LOGSTOR immediately and automatically of any errors by email or SMS. Rapid response minimises the scope of the damage, and can eliminate the need for repairs or replacement.