Contractors and fitters

Minimal energy loss and low maintenance costs

Installing pipe systems for industrial operators often involves complex solutions that demand deep insight into every detail of the assignment on the part of the contractor. We help contractors from the very start of the project. LOGSTOR pipe solutions save time by making it possible to fit pipes and insulation in a single work process. Welding and insulation cease being two separate actions and become a complete pipe contract that can be carried out in a single process.

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Tools Tools

Everything a consultant needs 

Consultants with sector-specific expertise are fully familiar with the different needs of the industry and customers. LOGSTOR is always ready to provide advice and guidance about how to design an assignment to assure optimal service life and energy savings. A working relationship with LOGSTOR means that both consultant and end customer receive the sector-specific guidance they need when investing in installations featuring the best service life in the business.

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End users

Long-term energy savings pay dividends

LOGSTOR knows that the courage to take the long-term view of service life and energy savings pays dividends. In all industries, the demands for operationally reliable production are always paramount, because low energy and operating costs translate into a healthier bottom line. Many customers are unaware that significantly more economical insulation systems are available that provide major energy and operational savings throughout the expected service life of the solution – which is at least 30 years. 

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