Consultants with sector-specific expertise are fully familiar with the different needs of the industry and customers. Taking the existing situation as our starting point, we work together to establish precisely what the solution can be developed for. In most cases, the end users are unaware that other products are available on the market, which means that consultants often meet customers whose installations feature operation-intensive insulation that lasts only 5–7 years. Because LOGSTOR’s insulation has an expected lifetime of 30 years, customers have access to major savings on both operation and maintenance. LOGSTOR solutions usually eliminate an entire work process as pipes and insulation are supplied in a single, ready-to-install package.

Pipe solutions for industries are often installed above ground, which makes the pipes vulnerable to pressure damage that risks ruining the insulation properties of the solution.  

One of the benefits of LOGSTOR pipes is that they are robust and fitted with an outer casing strong enough to withstand being stepped on. The pipes are likewise easy to clean, and customers generally choose an outer casing in black. However, white casing is also popular as it boosts standards of hygiene for the food industry, for example. With full documentation from LOGSTOR Lab, consultants have everything they need to help end customers make the right decision.

LOGSTOR knows customers place the greatest emphasis on low operating costs and a minimum of production shut-downs. Years of experience in the industry has put LOGSTOR in a position to document effect via LOGSTOR Lab data and cases from each industrial segment. The solution is demonstrably the best for all industries – to the benefit of consultant and end customer alike. LOGSTOR’s technical department supplies all the necessary support to fulfil the criteria for a successful project.