Own calculation of the most energy-efficient solutions in the sector

LOGSTOR Calculator is a simple, user-friendly tool that focuses on user requirements for fast and efficient access to facts and figures. This is the type of good service we work for each and every day. LOGSTOR Calculator is an internet-based calculation program developed to assist energy suppliers, consultant engineers, teachers and students to assess the most efficient way to transport hot and cold water in pre-insulated pipes.

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LOGSTOR Calculator provides new and future customers with access to a unique tool for evaluating and choosing the best possible pipe systems for their solutions. Calculations ensure and document the best way to establish energy-efficient and eco-friendly infrastructures. 

LOGSTOR Calculator is the most accurate program in the sector for calculating energy loss. It is based on comprehensive mathematical and physical models designed to produce heat loss calculations that are as correct as possible. 




Only the more complex FEM calculations feature greater precision. Depending on their needs, customers can choose between two calculation principles in LOGSTOR Calculator:

  • Calculations performed in accordance with EN 13941
  • Advanced calculations using an even more accurate program.

Over and above calculating heat loss for each pipe, LOGSTOR Calculator makes it possible to compare pipes and projects with regard to energy loss in volume, costs and carbon emissions.

All calculations are illustrated with both actual values and graphs to provide a fast overview. LOGSTOR Calculator also presents graphs illustrating the ageing of polyurethane foam, based on calculations performed by the Danish Technological Institute (www.dti.dk). The insulation value is calculated as a function of temperature and age.

For further questions or assistance, please contact logstor.calculator@kingspan.com.