Quality and the Environment

As a minimum, we at LOGSTOR comply with the quality and functional requirements laid down by our customers, or in national and international norms and standards as they apply to our product and market area. We also contribute to ensuring that norms and standards are adapted to development, and to setting new standards for the energy sector. The Kingspan Group assures uniform product quality and documentation – including the management of special processes – no matter where the production facilities are physically located. We remain at the cutting edge of development and always take care to live up to consumer expectations concerning product and service quality.

The LOGSTOR standard is ‘zero error status’ in all our activities and processes. For this reason, we apply preventative measures and prioritise a high level of autonomy among our employees. Through education and ongoing maintenance of the employees’ working conditions, LOGSTOR stimulates commitment, well-being, working conditions and attitudes that contribute continuously to improving the quality of products and services. LOGSTOR products are to comply with the most stringent quality and environmental requirements in the sector at all times.