Our production standards

In the LOGSTOR production process, pipes are manufactured in a single, endless length rather than in individual sections. Carrier pipes are inserted horizontally into the production machinery and assembled in a long, unbroken line. The insulation form is cast in place (axial process) or sprayed (spiral process) directly onto the steel pipe, depending on its size. The continuous method requires a lower volume of foam to produce better insulation than on traditionally manufactured pipes.

Axial process 

The axial process is a manufacturing method in which the pipes are insulated continuously in a moving casting mould, where the PUR material flows around the pipe. The fully cast, foam-insulated pipe then continues through an extruder station where the HDPE outer casing is melted in place.




Spiral process

The spiral process is a manufacturing method in which the PUR material is sprayed onto the carrier pipe while it rotates around its own axis as it passes through the production facility. The HDPE outer casing is then extruded in strips via a spiral process while the pipes continue to rotate around their own axes.