Environmental policy

At LOGSTOR, we accord the very highest priority to protecting our employees and the environment. Every day, LOGSTOR works to improve global energy efficiency for the benefit of people and the environment.

Our HSEQ management system covers all processes linked to the development, production, sales, and services of the pre-insulated pipes and fittings.

This means that:  

  • As a minimum, LOGSTOR commits to complying with the applicable legislation and requirements, as well as with the external certification standards we have taken on.
  • LOGSTOR continuously improves its HSE input through setting goals with annual targets that are ambitious but realistic. The goals are set at strategic level by the management and communicated to the relevant departments in all parts of the organisation, and progress is assessed on a regular basis.  
  • All employees who participate in LOGSTOR activities have a responsibility to contribute actively to maintaining a working environment free from accidents and incidents, so as not to have an adverse impact on people and the external environment.
  • LOGSTOR works on the basis of a ‘no blame’ culture, where everyone is expected – and encouraged – to contribute openly with questions and/or by calling attention to concerns about their own safety at work. The overriding intention is to help us achieve our vision of a working environment without accidents or incidents.
  • LOGSTOR promotes a culture of ongoing improvement and encourages all employees to put forward new ideas and suggestions for how to enhance our work processes.
  • LOGSTOR provides employees with training, education and information to allow them to protect themselves, their colleagues and the working environment.
  • LOGSTOR has internal rules and regulations designed to protect our employees and the working environment. We take a zero tolerance approach and expect everyone to be familiar with the rules and to comply with them.
  • All LOGSTOR employees are expected to show mutual respect for others – irrespective of their position, nationality, race, sexual or religious orientation or other features. We will not tolerate any kind of harassment or discrimination.
  • LOGSTOR applies life cycle analyses to the impact of its products and processes. This work is integrated into our product and process development, with the result that we lower the environmental impact through design and production, as well as during use and disposal.


Environmental management


HSEQ policy

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