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District heating is an investment in the future

District heating pipe systems from LOGSTOR constitute a long-term investment that improves infrastructure and the standard of living for people and communities in towns and cities. Pipe systems with a long service life and low installation costs allow cities around the world to show leadership in the field of eco-friendly and renewable energy. LOGSTOR solutions ensure low costs for more than 30 years, helping to make district heating an effective form of indoor heating.

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Long-term investments in energy 

Developments in the energy sector in recent years have demonstrated an increasing desire for independence from fossil fuels and the fluctuating prices of the energy market. LOGSTOR’s district heating systems are not dependent on a given source of energy, and ensure a service life of more than 30 years on energy investments – which is demonstrably the best business decision in the long term.  

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Fifty years of consultancy experience

As the inventor of the technology behind insulated pipe systems, LOGSTOR has more than 50 years of experience with district heating solutions. LOGSTOR continues to develop its pipe systems with a view to improving all conditions linked to the establishment and operation of district heating systems. In consultation with the customer’s engineers, we play a key role in developing the district heating systems of the future. We at LOGSTOR are fully familiar with every phase of the project – from breaking ground to ensuring more than 30 years of operation.

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Responsible project management

We at LOGSTOR know how important correct fitting, installation and hand-over to the customer really are. The work of the contractor is crucial to the service life of the pipe system as a whole. That is why we provide training in correct fitting – in accordance with the applicable installation requirements – to assure a service life in excess of 30 years. We work together to coordinate all aspects of the project, and commit to timely and responsible delivery so that contractors can always deliver their projects on time.  

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