Energy companies

Short-term focus on the bottom line is increasingly being replaced by long-term investments in energy that pay dividends over the years. Low total costs and surveillance technology in the sector enable district heating networks from LOGSTOR to deliver heat smoothly to end users throughout their service lives. Years of experience with the delivery and establishment of specially designed pipe systems put LOGSTOR in a position to deliver solutions to match all needs.

As operating costs for district heating exceed the initial establishment costs, care and attention during installation and ongoing surveillance of operation are of crucial importance.  


Solutions from LOGSTOR pay for themselves in the long term because we constantly provide advice and training targeted at decades of optimal operation.

LOGSTOR’s ambition is to set the standard for the best insulation properties in the world. The LOGSTOR Lab staff work tirelessly to raise the quality with ongoing tests whose results continuously improve – and document – the best product in the sector. Decades of laboratory tests have elevated the standard for pipe systems’ insulation properties and traceability. LOGSTOR is proud to be able to say: this is unique in the sector.