District Heating Consultants

As the inventor of the technology behind insulated pipe systems, LOGSTOR has more than 50 years of experience with district heating solutions. We at LOGSTOR love tackling challenges from consultants and engineers. LOGSTOR has the knowledge and experience required when it is time to write tenders, calculate total costs, prepare optimal pipe design, or supervise contractors.

We know the best way to design a district heating system to ensure minimal costs and optimal durability, making sure that customers receive the best possible service life and operation. Advice and guidance from LOGSTOR are always available as the project progresses.

Dialogue between multiple project partners is a classic challenge when district heating projects are to be carried out in practice. That is why LOGSTOR holds consultant workshops and seminars designed to accommodate all parties participating in the project. We at LOGSTOR make sure to provide you with what you need from start to finish – with information about the lowest total costs and documentation from LOGSTOR Lab.

LOGSTOR works continuously to develop its pipe systems so as to improve energy efficiency and cut emissions of CO2. LOGSTOR is well aware of the importance of maintaining a complete project overview when professional consultants are to guide the end user to the best district heating solution.