More than 40 years of experience carries obligations

Demands on quality, hygiene and environmental consideration are becoming increasingly stringent in the field of industrial production. It is essential that our solutions accommodate these demands and generate value on your investment.

LOGSTOR pipe systems present a wide range of advantages as regards installation, hygiene, safety and operation in relation to conventionally insulated pipes. Thanks to the LOGSTOR versatile joint range, we supply solutions that leave other familiar insulation methods behind when it comes to ease of installation, flexibility and mechanical and thermal properties. 

Our pipe systems are simple to clean and, to all intents and purposes, maintenance free; they also feature a long service life and low operating costs. The strong insulation properties of both PUR and PIR foam cut energy loss to an absolute minimum. 

Our temperature range covers from minus 200°C to plus 250°C.  

For projects that demand special solutions, our  technical experts step in as your proactive partner, helping you to find the very best solution for your particular project.