Controlled fluid flow in all environments

Do you want to maintain the temperature in your pipeline and protect it against frost? We have a versatile range of heat tracers that improve both operational reliability and the service life of your pipe system.

We have developed systems for the extremely precise transportation of media that demand a particular temperature. This might, for example, refer to oil that has to be transported at exactly 50°C so as to maintain the correct viscosity. Or it may involve transporting liquid chocolate, which is also highly temperature sensitive when carried in pipes.

We install sensitive tracing components in the pipes as the work progresses, so as to ensure even heat distribution throughout the pipe system. The tracers typically take the form of copper pipes embedded in the insulation alongside the carrier pipe, and are available as accessories for all our pre-insulated pipe systems. Calculations are used to determine whether one tracer is enough, or whether multiple tracers are required to provide the necessary heat transfer to the medium. 

We take the surroundings into consideration, and can, for example, use self-regulating heating cables that adapt to the influence of the surroundings on the pipes.

We can advise customers about how much output is needed to maintain the temperature in the medium. As we have products with demonstrably the best insulation properties in the sector, we are the best possible consultant regarding heat tracing.

Heat tracer pipes are often used for embedding auto-regulating heating cables, but can also carry hot water or steam. We also supply special solutions involving carbon steel tracers for heat systems with a skin effect for long pipelines. In addition, we can even deliver tracer pipes in HDPE or stainless steel.