All LOGSTOR joint systems ensure uniform insulation and high operational reliability throughout the life of the pipe system. LOGSTOR's pipe systems are available with two different sleeve and branch technologies, each unique to the area in which they are used: welding sleeves, cross-linked shrink sleeves and PE shrink sleeves.

All are designed to meet the challenges usually associated with assembling the individual components into a piping system. At the same time, they reduce the number of pre-insulated components and ensure fast, correct assembly at the lowest possible cost. Our welding joints are fitted with an RFID tag and QR code, which - together with the LOGSTOR WeldMaster system - makes it possible to track the joints via GPS.

The shrink joints shrinkable sleeves are mounted with simple hand tools and a gas burner in an easily accessible working process. All joints types meet the requirements of EN 489, and are extremely robust and well-proven.