Responsibility towards people and the enviroment

When chemical, petrochemical or other critical liquids are transported through pipe systems, it is essential to focus unswervingly on safety. It is crucial to be informed immediately if leaks occur, and to be able to minimise the consequences of same. 

LOGSTOR is an expert in preinsulated pipe systems and has experience in incorporating tracer pipes for detection cables so as to allow constant surveillance of the pipe system. These cables help keep you fully informed if a leak occurs, and they put you in a position to prevent minor issues developing into potentially complex or critical situations.  

Environmental assurance and protection are always high on the agenda at LOGSTOR. We take responsibility for ensuring that our solutions protect nature. Environmental protection is a crucial factor – particularly in sectors that work with oil and chemical products. A classic LOGSTOR solution is LOGSTOR Detect, which, as the name suggests, is used to detect leaks in pipes carrying substances such as glycol aqueous solutions. When stretches of pipe are buried in the ground, it is important to be able to identify leaks and other problems quickly, and to deal with them without delay.

In corporation with AVA Systems, LOGSTOR has developed the SafePipe concept in which the medium is always securely sealed, thus guarding the system against leaks. Here, the pipeline is divided up into sections so that any leaks can be limited to a given section. This reduces any damage to the pipeline as a whole, and keeps environmental impact to an absolute minimum. SafePipe is approved by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.