On the safe side

LOGSTOR SafePipe® makes it much easier to observe all the requirements in the safety and environment legislation. Chemical and petrochemical installations are subject to stringent requirements, and transport pipe systems must also fulfil or even exceed these. The double-walled LOGSTOR SafePipe® system allows you to detect any problems and determine the exact location of the source of the problem. Due to its construction with an impermeable HDPE outer casing, you can also be confident that any leaks will be safely encapsulated until the damage can be repaired.

The combination of these two properties means that you can effectively prevent any leaks from leading to unforeseen operating and maintenance costs, or negatively impacting on the environment and your company's good reputation. We supply complete, leak-proof pipe systems, ready for installation of specified detection cables and systems.

LOGSTOR SafePipe® is compatible with detection cables and surveillance systems on the market and the pipes' unique design makes them easy to install. The LOGSTOR SafePipe® system includes all necessary joints, fittings, cable wells and tools, and heat tracing and other alarm and surveillance systems can be supplied as required.


HDPE as an environment protection membrane

Any leak is kept within the HDPE casing. The HDPE casing forms a 100% waterproof and oil resistant solution for buried systems. The steel pipe requires no further coating or corrosion protection. Leaks are discovered before any environmental impact occurs.

A bonded system with high mechanical strength:

  • Resistant to external conditions  

  • Can handle earth pressure in areas subject to traffic (such as roads, airports)

  • Allows the installation of pipe supports outside the casing

Moves as a single unit in response to temperature changes.


Unique cell-structured foam

Pentane blown, CFC-free PUR foam is used in all LOGSTOR systems an offers an effective insulation layer.

The moisture-resistant structure prevents water entry and condensation throughout the pipe's entire service life. The cavity is kept clean and dry, so expensive and time-consuming false alarms can be avoided.




Tracer pipe

Perforated plastic pipe designed for installation of detection cables. 

Our standard detection cables provide following properties: 

  • Reliability
  • Easy installation, simple maintenance
  • Precise leak localisation
  • Flexible detection units
  • Multiple circuits possible

The detection cables find the leak before more extensive damage occurs. Can be adapted for: 

  • e.g. TT3000 for acids, bases and other hazardous aqueous liquids
  • e.g. TT5000 for petrol, jet fuel, diesel, crude oil and other hydrocarbon-based liquids