All LOGSTOR joint systems ensure uniform insulation and high reliability for the entire service life of the pipe system. LOGSTOR pipe systems are available with two different joint and branch technologies, each unique to their application area: weld joints and shrinkable joints.

Both have been developed to handle the challenges normally associated with joining the various components to make a pipe system. They also reduce the number of pre-insulated components and ensure rapid and correct installation for the lowest possible cost. Our weld joints are fitted with RFID tags and QR codes which, together with the LOGSTOR WeldMaster system, make it possible to trace the joints via GPS.

There are two types of weld joints, both made of polyethylene (HDPE).

LOGSTOR BandJoint, including the branch joint, is an open joint which is installed on the pipe after the carrier pipe has been welded. The longitudinal seam and the two circular seams are fusion welded. The BandJoint branch joint is an intelligent solution which replaces a prefabricated branch with a single component, saving materials and installation time.

The EW joint is a closed joint which is installed on the pipe ends before welding the carrier pipes. The two circular seams are fusion welded using LOGSTOR WeldMaster, so the joint and casing are welded together, creating a single unbreakable pipe section. LOGSTOR WeldMaster automatically checks each fusion weld, records its position and documents its quality. The joint is insulated using either a LOGSTOR foam bag* or PUR machine foam.

There are two types of shrinkable joints, both made of cross-linked polyethylene (PEX).

The SX joint system includes joints, bends and branches for installation on site. This results in fewer and simpler joins, made using fewer components, and simpler logistics, saving time and money. Installation is faster and less labour intensive. This means installation costs can be reduced by 10-15%, and the pipe length cost by 3-5%. The joint is insulated using either a LOGSTOR foam bag* or PUR machine foam.

BX is a double sealed assembly set. It can be installed quickly in a single work process. Joints are insulated using insulation half-shells.

*LOGSTOR foam bags come in 15 different sizes, each containing the correct quantity of polyurethane foam to match the various diameters.