LOGSTOR offers a versatile range of tracers for frost protection or maintaining the temperature in a pipeline. Heat tracers are typically installed as (18 mm) copper pipe encased in the insulation along the carrier pipe. Calculations show whether one tracer is enough, or if several are required to ensure the necessary heat transfer to the medium. Heat tracer pipes are often used for embedding auto-regulating heating cables, but can also carry hot water or steam. Heat tracers can be supplied as optional extras for all of our pre-insulated pipe systems. HDPE or stainless steel tracer pipes are also available. LOGSTOR also supplies special solutions involving carbon steel tracers for heat systems with a skin effect for long pipelines. If necessary, LOGSTOR’s technicians can assist with calculating the necessary heat output for specific areas of use, and can suggest a complete tracer solution in collaboration with our heating cable supplier.

Pre-insulated pipe can be supplied with skin effect heat tracing (SEHT) in the PUR insulation. These pre-insulated pipes are supplied with a small tracer pipe attached to the carrier pipe.

LOGSTOR designs the given interface in cooperation with the supplier of the SEHT components. Our standard procedure is to install the tracer pipe on the carrier pipe before applying the insulation. The tracer pipe can be welded or adhered to the carrier pipe, depending on the instructions of the SEHT system supplier.

The supplier is also responsible for installing joints on site. LOGSTOR works with a range of SEHT component suppliers.