End users

Many customers are unaware that significantly more economical systems are available that provide major energy and operational savings throughout the expected service life of the solution. Common types of traditional insulation have a service life of just 5–7 years, which is sure to mean numerous operational shut-downs in the long term.

Likewise, almost all unprotected insulation will inevitably be crushed or otherwise damaged by accident at some point. This ruins the insulation capacity, causes hygiene problems and affects the total service live of the system. Briefly put, good insulation properties are dependent on the quality and durability of the insulation material in the production environment.

LOGSTOR pipes are waterproof and fitted with a hard outer casing that maintains the same level of insulation throughout the service life. What is more, pipe solutions are available with a white casing that is easy to clean and appreciably raises the standard of hygiene in the food industry, for example. Requiring just a single fitting process – without the need for additional insulation – LOGSTOR solutions help limit production shut-downs and keep total costs to an absolute minimum.

Comprehensive knowledge of the sector across industries allows us in most cases to highlight benefits for the end customer that consultants can then put forward. Minimal maintenance and optimal protection of the steel pipe often improve operational reliability substantially. LOGSTOR’s guidance is always based on what customers currently have – and the options open to them. LOGSTOR pipe solutions constitute an long-term investment that always pay off.