LOGSTOR's SinglePipe solutions are heat insulated pipe systems for submersion in shallow water areas, which offer very cost-effective installation of offshore oil and gas pipes at depths of up to 200 m. LOGSTOR SinglePipes utilise a special combination of polyurethane foam (PUR), high density polyethylene (HDPE) outer casing and other patented technologies to ensure stable insulation values throughout the entire service life. Each pipe length is also fitted with end pieces which protect against moisture penetration. This ensures that any leak only affects the given pipe length, dramatically increasing the durability of the pipe system. This means that flow security is not compromised or negatively impacted, and gives you:

  • U values of just 0.5-5.0 W/m2K.
  • Built-in moisture protection in every pipe
  • Simplified logistics, leading to cost savings
  • Fast and problem-free installation
  • One welding pass per joint
  • Optional concrete weight coating
  • Sustained durability

LOGSTOR SinglePipe can be laid from a barge quickly and easily, without problems. Pipe sections can be joined with a single welding pass, as only the carrier pipe has to be welded. LOGSTOR's joints are designed for quick and easy installation. Due to the built-in pipe moisture protection, it is not necessary to seal joints. Customer-specific joints may also be installed.

LOGSTOR SinglePipe systems have undergone extensive testing to verify durability and reliability, including:

  • Water impregnation test
  • Creep test
  • Axial shear strength
  • Trawling bucket impact test

Moisture protection is tested at a pressure of 25 bar, while being exposed to temperature cycles of 15-110 °C. The ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards lay the foundation for the manufacture of all LOGSTOR pipes and components. These are accompanied by complete documentation showing compliance with the relevant quality standards.

The specifications for LOGSTOR SinglePipe systems can be varied and adapted precisely to the heat insulation characteristics required by the given offshore pipeline, including optimisation of:

  • Insulation thickness
  • Yield capacity
  • Weight coating
  • Pipe lengths
  • Joints

We produce SinglePipe using one of the following three methods:

Continuously produced, straight SinglePipe – axial process.

  • Diameter of carrier pipe: 26.9-219.1 mm
  • Steel carrier pipe. Insulation series 1, 2 and 3
  • With a diffusion barrier which ensures that the insulation property is kept constant
  • Lambda value: 0.023 W/mK

Continuously produced, straight SinglePipe – spiral process.

  • Diameter of carrier pipe: 355 -1,219 mm
  • Steel carrier pipe
  • Insulation series 1, 2 and 3
  • Diffusion barrier as an optional extra
  • Lambda value: 0.026 W/mK

Conventionally produced, straight SinglePipe.

  • Diameter of carrier pipe: 26.9-1.219 mm
  • Steel or copper carrier pipe, and option of other types
  • Insulation series 1, 2 and 3
  • Lambda value: 0.027 W/mK