Corporate Social Responsibility


a.       Ethics/Corporate governance in relation to business and energy efficiency

It is one of the fundamental principles of LOGSTOR to strictly observe all national and international laws and regulations under which LOGSTOR is operating and to maintain high ethical standards in all aspects of conducting its business. This principle is further detailed in a number of group policies.

b.      HSEQ

Safety is an integrated value in everything LOGSTOR does. The vision is to have an incident free environment where everybody leaves the company in the same condition as they came in. Proactivity in what we do is essential and a clear belief that all incidents can be avoided is fundamental in the culture. LOGSTOR has the same safety requirements to all operations no matter what country they are operating in and is highly focused on involving employees and being in compliance with the legislation. LOGSTOR  is certified based on ISO 45001 in selected sites. Safety performance is measured on a day-by-day basis and the actual performance is reviewed at all executive management meetings. LOGSTOR has systems in place which ensure that best practice and lessons learned are easily shared between all parts of the operation.

Quality for LOGSTOR is understanding the clients expectations and meeting or superseding them. This is applicable for both products and services and important for LOGSTOR, who wants to be seen as a trustworthy partner, not only by end users but also for all other parts that are involved in our business. LOGSTOR holds ISO 9001 certifications for all plants, and relevant product certifications. For LOGSTOR it is of paramount importance that all processes has a proactive approach, meaning that deadlines and targets can be fulfilled and agreements respected. Working with- and promoting a continuous improvement culture is a cornerstone in this work. This includes using LEAN tools, communicating relevant KPI´s and generally making sure that the highly motivated, experienced and educated employees understand the importance of their activities in the quest for short lead times, high productivity and top class quality.

Preservation of our external environment is the basis for LOGSTOR´s business. As a supplier of some of the best performing district energy pipes in the world, LOGSTOR  contributes directly to minimizing energy loss and hereby protects the environment. The manufacturing processes are all designed to be as energy efficient as possible and close monitoring of waste generation and energy consumption is an integrated part of the ISO 14001 certification which covers all manufacturing facilities. Additionally LOGSTOR is certified with energy management system ISO 50001 in selected sites.

c.       Customers and Business Partners

LOGSTOR defines network efficiency.

LOGSTOR is a the world's largest manufacturer and supplier of pre-insulated pipes for District Energy, Industry and Oil & Gas with technical and commercial experience from the early 60's. The industrial heritage plays an important role as LOGSTOR is the main driver behind the development of global solutions for District Heating. Moreover, LOGSTOR strive to look beyond the expected lifetime, which often exceeds 50 years, with a clear system approach. By approaching projects in a very early stage, LOGSTOR engineers and project designers ensure that the design is optimized for the purpose of securing the lowest possible lifetime costs. This means that we aim not only for the pipe delivered to the trench, but for the whole project from early design, through project management and lifetime maintenance solutions including service and support.

LOGSTOR serves thousands of Municipal, Industrial and Oil & Gas customers either directly or through General Contractors performing the installation of our complete systems. LOGSTOR values loyalty and long term relationships when offering the highest quality of products and services to customers and dealing with business partners all over the world. 

d.      Social policies

LOGSTOR pre-insulated pipe solutions represent an attractive business opportunity for energy utilities within the district heating and cooling sector,  oil and gas companies, as well as food & beverage, power generation and chemical industries.  We bring value to these segments by supplying energy efficient, financially feasible and environmentally sustainable solutions, which have significant benefit for emission reductions. Optimal solutions are created together with our customers and we take part in all phases from conceptual design to product supply and to operation and maintenance.  Our solutions have an extensive life time as LOGSTOR strives to protect the environment and create positive economic return on investments for future generations.

e.      Employees

We are committed to Ethical Conduct: LOGSTOR products provide sustainability through increasing energy efficiency while reducing impact on our environment. We apply the same logic when it comes to our view on how to do business. At LOGSTOR, we measure success by the results we achieve AND by how we achieve them. We expect all our colleagues to respect and enforce the way we conduct business.

Enabling Work-Life Effectiveness: We recognize the many demands on our time – in the workplace, at home and in the community. We aim to create a work-life effectiveness through supporting people's professional and personal goals.

Driving Sustainable Development: As a market leader, we recognize that we set the bar high. We measure our progress regularly and rigorously. We call for accountability of each of our employees. Accountability for their deliverables and their development. We believe that the best way to guarantee a life-long successful and gratifying career lies in supporting our employees on this journey by offering challenging tasks and striving for continuous improvement.

Reward for performance: Being and staying a market leader requires the best of us. We operate in an international environment and enjoy working with colleagues across countries. Next to offering career opportunities, we offer a market competitive package to attract and motivate.