LNG and Cryogenic Systems 

Liquefied gases (such as liquid nitrogen and liquid helium) are used in many cryogenic applications and are processed in large pipeline and/or held in giant tanks in several industrial operations. Cryogenic components (valves, pumps, etc.) are used on LNG piers to transfer liquefied natural gas from LNG carriers to storage tanks.

LOGSTOR systems are suitable to combine reliable and cost-effective insulation solution for cryogenic applications with very high performances in harsh environments.

High-quality thermal insulation limits heat and cold loss and minimizes temperature reduction when fluids are being transported.

LOGSTOR handles heat and cold insulation techniques that represent the state of art in this business segment. Our research and development activities and patented products and systems allow us to work in Downstream Sector being ahead of our competitors. Technical skills, specialized knowledge, a comprehensive understanding of the Client`s needs are our key factor


Technical Director, LOGSTOR Thermal Solutions

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The LOGSTOR CryoPipe is a thermal insulation system for Cryogenic pipelines to maintain a constant operating temperature down to -210°C for the complete lifetime of the system - 30 years. Typical applications would be e.g. LNG, LPG, Ethane, Oxygen and Nitrogen.


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