Full end-to-end thermal insulation systems for onshore pipelines

We cut out the intermediate link in the production process, manufacturing precisely where the customer needs our solution. This leads to lower total costs, combined with an optimal timeframe and delivery schedule.

Kingspan LOGSTOR deliver high performance Thermal Insulation to the Oil & Gas industry. With 40+ years of experience in pre-insulated pipes for onshore applications, we offer end-to-end solutions for all applications up to 140°C. This includes field joints, bends, fittings, heat tracing and moisture surveillance systems to protect the integrity of the pipeline throughout its life.

Kingspan LOGSTOR offers a full range of pre-insulated pipeline products to cover a variety of onshore applications for oil and gas. Our standard product, with a moisture surveillance system, can be used without an anti-corrosion coating and is rated to a service life of 30 years. An optional anti-corrosion coating can be applied if required.

We also offer solutions for temperatures higher than 140°C.

Our solutions meet the EN253 requirements. 

Our offer includes bends that can be pre-bent and insulated or bent after insulation, depending on the bend angle. We have a full range of compatible field joints including weldable and shrinkable joints as well as a range of pre-insulated fittings to cover all applications. Finally, we have specialized solutions for maintaining pipeline integrity in horizontal directional drilling (HDD) applications.


Technical Director, LOGSTOR Thermal Solutions

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InsuPipe® 140

InsuPipe® 140

The LOGSTOR InsuPipe® 140 is an onshore thermal insulation system for pipelines to maintain a constant operating temperature of 140°C for the complete lifetime of the system - 30 years. The system is designed to be cost-effective, with end-to-end features and moisture surveillance to maintain integrity over the lifetime of the pipeline.

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