Kingspan / LOGSTOR CCUS Solutions

For 60 years LOGSTOR has provided pipeline temperature preservation for many industries.

Temperatures as low as -160 for LNG and over +140 for hot oil products.

Now we are supporting the CCUS industry for its requirements to transport carbon dioxide.

Whether it is from offloading a vessel to a storage facility, for the compressor station or from emitter to wellhead for subsurface storage.

LOGSTOR has the solution both onshore and offshore.

LOGSTOR is currently engaged with owner / operators, engineering consultants and ECP contractors around the globe helping  them develop projects. Some are at concept, others moving to execution.

LOGSTOR can support your insulation needs supplying a single pipe to a complete solution.

If you require a demonstration of our design tools or a complete insulation system design please contact our Technical Director, Kim Schacht.


Technical Director, LOGSTOR Thermal Solutions
Mob.: +45 9966 1163