The LOGSTOR CryoPipe is a thermal insulation system for Cryogenic pipelines to maintain a constant operating temperature down to -210°C for the complete lifetime of the system - 30 years. Typical applications would be e.g. LNG, LPG, Ethane, Oxygen and Nitrogen.


A: Steel pipe
B: PUR Foam
C: HDPE Casing
D: Fire Protection
E: Pipe Support
F: Fiber Optic Surveillance System

Product description

  • Stainless Steel inner pipe
  • PUR density 85 kg/m³ and thickness 50 - 150 mm
  • HDPE casing (PE80 or PE100) 4 mm to 20 mm
  • Surface Heat Gain <25 W/m²
  • Lambda value (@ 10°C) 0.026 W/mK
  • Fire protection is available as an option
  • Fiber Optic Detection system embedded in the insulation is available as an option
  • Compatible welded or shrinkable field joints are available
  • Bends, spools and specialty fittings can be manufactured

Application process

1 Washing/cleaning Pipe and Casing

Washing/cleaning Pipe and Casing


Mounting Spacers


Steel pipe is pushed inside casing pipe


Pipe is prepared for Foaming


Foam injection



7 Cutbacks cleaning

Cutbacks cleaning

Coating system - main features

  • LOGSTOR CryoPipe systems uses a specially designed polyurethane foam formulation combined with a high density polyethylene casing to ensure that long term insulation performance is maintained
  • The system offers very high insulation performance that meets the EN253 and other major specifications
  • A Fiber Optic surveillance system is offered as an option. This makes it possible to monitor the line and detect any sign of leaking pipe or changed insulation performance at an early stage.
  • LOGSTOR offers various solutions for fire-protection of the system. With this, the pipe pass the ASTM E84 test with a Flame Spread Index below 25
  • Mobile plants are available to minimize logistics
  • End-to-end solutions include field joints, bends, fittings and custom spools

Plant capabilities

  • Pipe diameter ½’’ to 42’’ (21.3 mm to 1,066.8 mm)
  • Pipe lengths 6 m to 12 m
  • Custom spools
  • Bends and fittings
  • Minimum operating service temperature -210°C
  • Maximum operating service temperature +140°C