One of the largest current development projects in the UK North Sea, Kraken has an anticipated production life of up to 25 years and first oil is targeted in 2017. Kraken represents one of the cornerstones of EnQuest’s long term production portfolio. EnQuest holds a 60% interest in the field after a succession of acquisition deals in 2012, assuming operatorship following the completion of the last of those. Kraken is a large heavy oil accumulation in the UK North Sea, located in the East Shetland basin; approximately 125 km east of the Shetland Islands. The field is estimated to contain approximately 140million barrels of gross oil reserves. £4 billion of capital and operational investment are estimated to generate future revenue of £9 billion. The Kraken vessel will be one of the largest ever built in the UK North Sea. LOGSTOR Oil and Gas received an award for the insulation of the Flowlines by Technip.

EnQuest awarded Technip the EPIC contract (Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Construction) for the Kraken Project. Kraken comprises three areas, South, Central and North. South will be developed first. For the South Field, a total of 13 horizontal wells will be drilled (seven production and six injection) from two discrete subsea well centres; Centre 1 and Centre 2. There are similar drill centres for the other two areas also, which will all eventually tie back to a suitably positioned FPSO vessel (Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading).

LOGSTOR Oil & Gas received a contract award from Technip to produce and supply the following:

• Reception of clad and carbon steel pipes.

• 3LPP coating on pipes (subcontract).

• Insulated Flowlines: 38km of 12” OD pipes.

• Delivery to Evanton (UK) spoolbase.


The contract was awarded in 2014 and the DC1/DC2 pipes produced and delivered end 2014 at the spoolbase where contractor welded the stalks and applied IMPU field Joints. Pipeline was successfully reeled and installed offshore. DC3 will be delivered Q3 2015 following production in Denmark.

LOGSTOR successfully supplied for the project its SinglePipe® - thermal insulation solution (dry insulation) with the following properties:

• Thermal Coefficient (U-value) of 3.0 W/(m2K).

• Foam density of 325kg/m3.

• Flowline total coating thickness of 48mm (3LPP@3mm, PUR@38mm & HDPE@7mm).