Zenica is with 90,000 inhabitants the fourth largest town in Bosnia & Herzegovina. The Municipality of Zenica supplies district heating to a big part of the city and over the years the municipality experienced an increasing loss of water and heat from the pipe network. Therefore it was decided to renovate the more than 4 km of pipe trench in what is called the “City Ring Route”

For this work the municipality decided on a pre-insulated pipe system from LOGSTOR including surveillance system in form of LOGSTOR Detect.

The customers team of designers was trained during a course in Denmark. Following this a design with U-bends for stress reduction was used for the project in combination with curved pipes.

The joints were SXJoint up to and including 450 mm outer casing and BX for 500 mm and bigger. These types were chosen due to flexibility, easiness to install and installation without use of special tools. On the job site in Zenica technicians from LOGSTOR trained the local fitters in installation of the joints.

All pipes were delivered with copper wires embedded in the insulation. After installation of the pipes the wires are connected and the whole pipe system is now centrally monitored by the LOGSTOR Detect – X4 unit. In case of leaks in the system and penetration of water into the insulation this is immediately identified and repair can be made before severe damage to the system takes place.

The delivery from LOGSTOR in brief:

• 8.076 meter of pre-insulated pipes in dimensions from DN 50 to DN 500 of which DN 500 made the biggest volume.
• 432 meter of pre-insulated curved pipes.
• SXJoints and BXJoints
• Designer course in Denmark
• Training of fitters on job-site
• Installation 2012/2013 and commissioning 2013


For additional information contact:


Bita Andrei Ovidiu

Balkan Area Sales Manager, LOGSTOR 

E-mail:  aob@logstor.com​


Amra Halac

Reus inzenjering

LOGSTORs repræsentant i Bosnien-Hercegovina

E-mail:  amra.halac@gmail.com