Local authorities

LOGSTOR has years of experience in the delivery and establishment of specially designed district cooling systems for towns and cities of all sizes. District cooling is gaining ground all over the world, where the impressive cooling effect and advanced eco-friendliness – combined with the appreciable savings – make the choice a simple one. The long service life and low operating costs of district cooling where the cooling is produced locally, mean that towns and cities all over the world are showing leadership by choosing eco-friendly and sustainable indoor cooling. 

All district cooling networks constitute long-term investment which, over time, will pay dividends from both environmental and perspectives measured on operation, repairs and maintenance. The need for cooling is set to rise in the future, and the increased global requirements will demand systems that show consideration for both people and the environment.

LOGSTOR always designs systems specifically for the individual customer, so as to ensure the best possible starting point for operation of the system for more than 30 years.   


Punctual delivery is a crucial parameter in the installation of district cooling systems, where professional coordination with a variety of partners is a defining factor for the success of the project. Competent consultancy from LOGSTOR is available throughout the project period and helps bring everything together when road closures, unexpected discoveries and agreements with other pipe and cable owners have to merge to form a coherent whole.

It is often a good idea to think in terms of both district heating and cooling, as there are big savings to be made by combining the solutions in a single project. If district heating is combined with district cooling, it is possible to achieve mutual energy benefits when surplus heat can be converted into cheap cooling during the summer months. This is a prime example of responsible stewardship of global energy resources, and makes up a large part of LOGSTOR’s vision for people and the environment.