We at LOGSTOR know how important correct fitting, installation and hand-over to the customer really are. The role of the contractor is not simply that of a supplier. The contractor’s work is crucial to the service life of the entire pipe system. We provide training in correct fitting – in accordance with the applicable installation requirements – to guarantee a service life of more than 30 years on district cooling systems. We work together to coordinate all aspects of the project, and commit to timely and responsible delivery so that contractors can always deliver their projects on time. 

LOGSTOR’s products are supplied pre-insulated, which typically eliminates an entire work process from the project. This naturally translates into major savings for both contractor and end user – especially when taking into account the long service life of the pipe system. 

Development of ourselves and our products constitutes an essential element of LOGSTOR’s vision. We have learned that educating ourselves and our contractors, consultants and customers contributes to ensuring the extended service life of our products. This sets the standard for the product which we work tirelessly to refine every single day.

Both the installation and commissioning of a district cooling network demand specific technical knowledge when assuring the quality of a pipe solution. LOGSTOR always makes its technical consultants – and their extensive international experience – available in all stages of the construction phase, to help complete the assignment in close collaboration with your local team. That is why we always carry out assignments with emphasis on the importance of all the details that make up a successful project.