Energy companies

Developments in the energy sector in recent years have demonstrated an increasing desire for independence from fossil fuels and the fluctuating prices of the energy market. Short-term focus on the bottom line is increasingly being replaced by long-term investments in energy that pay dividends over the years. LOGSTOR guarantees a service life of more than 30 years on district cooling – which is demonstrably the best business decision in the long term.

The unique energy profile of district cooling is common sense for energy companies. This type of cooling is more than 5–10 times as efficient as air conditioning, and simultaneously eliminates the huge load on the electricity grid that inevitably arises when the need for cooling is greatest.

The lowest total costs and the best surveillance technology in the sector enable district cooling networks from LOGSTOR to deliver heat smoothly to end users throughout their service lives. Years of experience with the delivery and establishment of specially designed pipe systems put LOGSTOR in a position to deliver solutions to match all needs.

As the biggest expenses for district cooling are linked to the initial establishment and subsequent operation, care and attention in the areas of installation and operation surveillance are of crucial importance. LOGSTOR’s solutions pay for themselves in the long term, when energy-efficient district cooling systems replace old-fashioned and energy-intensive air conditioning units.