District Cooling Consultants

LOGSTOR district cooling solutions revolutionise standards for cooling systems all over the world. Increased emphasis on enhancing energy efficiency – combined with the desire to reduce carbon emissions – makes district cooling the obvious choice for both cooling improvements and new builds. The unique cooling effect of district cooling is generated centrally, which significantly improves energy efficiency.  

The unbeatable service life of district cooling systems – i.e. more than 30 years – translates into big savings that quickly recoup the original establishment costs and have a beneficial effect on both the bottom line and the environment.


We at LOGSTOR love tackling challenges from consultants. LOGSTOR has built up a wealth of knowledge and experience from district cooling projects. We are happy to provide advice and guidance in connection with writing tenders, calculating total costs, planning pipe system design or supervising contractors.

LOGSTOR has years of experience in the optimal design of district cooling networks and will provide you with a comprehensive overview in all phases of the process. LOGSTOR always designs district cooling systems specifically for the individual customer, so as to ensure the best possible cooling flow and starting point for over 30 years of system operation.