ShrinkJoints (K7101)

Type of course

ShrinkJoints (K7101)

Course objective

  • To give sufficient knowledge about materials and their use
  • To know the theory and installation of the LOGSTOR casing assembles
  • To assess and carry out minor repairs
  • To give information about LOGSTOR handling and installation manual


Fitters who use LOGSTOR´s products

Course content

Subjects of the course and training:

  • Installing the following casing joints: BX - C2L - SX-WP - SXB-WP - SXT-WP - TX - B2S/BS
  • Installing EndCap
  • Installing Press Coupling
  • Installing cable take-off in the casing
  • Installing and control measurement of LOGSTOR surveillance system




3 Days

Certificate / Certificate of participation

​Certificate is obtained by passing theoretical and practical test.
The certificate is valid for 3 years. Renewal must take place during that period.

Price (Euro)

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