Case history – SafePipe installation, OSL, Oslo Airport

In July 2010, LOGSTOR A/S supplied a complete SafePipe solution for the distribution of aviation fuel in Oslo Airport, Remote Installation South, and in September 2011, LOGSTOR A/S delivered the most important fuel hoses for the construction of the new terminal T2 in Gardermoen Airport.

All steel pipes are coated internally with Epoxy, a measure necessary to meet the special requirements that apply to the transport of Jet A-1 fuel. Oslo Airport makes particularly high demands on quality, safety and environmental protection – all demands that LOGSTOR can easily accommodate. This is one of the reasons why the airport chose the SafePipe solution from LOGSTOR ahead of offers from several competitors.

The HDPE casing, the embedded SafePipe tracer, and the Tyco Thermal TraceTek® alarm wires all contribute to ensuring that LOGSTOR A/S supplies pipe systems that are remarkably safe, reliable and easy to install.

The first project comprises approximately:

  • 400 metres of DN 250 pipes with 20 SafePipe fittings
  • 100 metres of DN 250 pipes with 15 fittings
  • 50 metres of DN 40 pipes with 50 fittings
  • The new fuel installation comprises:
  • 2,160 metres of DN 400 pipes with 14 fittings
  • 415 metres of DN 250 pipes

All in the following quality: API X52, seamless pipe

  • Project owner: OSL, Oslo Airport
  • Engineering company: Norconsult AS
  • Main contractor Skanska AS

The fuel pipeline at Gardermoen Airport is an underground line used to distribute aviation fuel to strategically located fuel taps. This feature makes it possible to refuel aircraft directly from their holding positions. LOGSTOR A/S supplies SafePipe, a high-quality, pre-insulated pipe system with sections of equal length, as well as matching fittings and casing joints for simple installation. The work was carried out by authorised personnel in close collaboration with the customer and LOGSTOR’s quality and technical department. This led the project to a highly successful outcome. The LOGSTOR SafePipe system features a strong HDPE casing and a sophisticated alarm system designed to eliminate waste from leaks, and to localise any leakage of hydrocarbon fluid. Thanks to its intelligent construction, the alarm system can pinpoint leaks and state their position to within one metre.

The LOGSTOR SafePipe is a peerless pipe system for transporting oil products with optimal environmental protection. LOGSTOR’s technical expertise in the field of pipes combined with electrical know-how from TraceTek makes the SafePipe system extremely secure and reliable. The benefits of the system are self-evident: LOGSTOR SafePipe is the preferred pipeline solution for Oslo Airport in all new installations at Gardermoen Airport.

SafePipe reference projects:

  • Sakhalin Island with Exxon Mobil, 2006
  • Color-Line, Norway with Shell, 2008
  • CORUS STAAL BV, 2009
  • Oslo Airport, Gardermoen, 2010
  • Fingrid, Finland, 2010
  • Tyco Thermal Control, Australia, 2011
  • Oslo Airport, Gardemoen, 2011
  • DONG Energy, Denmark, 2012