Client: Vital Energi · Contract scope: £300,000 · Timescale:  Summer 2016
LOGSTOR contact · Christopher Hill,, +44 7788 84884
Vital Energi contact· Brendan Clancy,, +44 7885 333819
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  • A centralized energy centre with district heating network that will distribute heat energy to 3000 homes
  • The single largest Code for Sustainable Homes Level 5 development in the country


The UK’s largest district heating provider, Vital Energi have been installing the 2.35km District Heating spine at the heart of the North West Cambridge Development. The project is being delivered by the University of Cambridge in what is the biggest single capital project in their 800-year history.

Christopher Hill, UK Sales Manager for LOGSTOR said, "The district heating network for the development is a major investment in the infrastructure for the site and makes this a hugely impressive sustainable development. It’s a project we are immensly proud to be involved in and the district heating network will contribute to lower energy costs and C0₂ emissions for decades to come."

Due to the multi-contractor nature of the project, once the district heating network spine was complete, Vital Energi continued to work with a range of developers to connect further "lots" as the development expands.

The Development
Outline planning permission was granted for the 150 hectare site in 2013 for 3,000 homes, 2,000 student bed spaces, 100,000 sq m research accommodation, as well as the community facilities and public realm to support this new district of Cambridge. The first phase of the project will create 700 homes for university staff, 325 post-graduate student rooms in addition to 450 market homes, a primary school, community centre, doctor’s surgery, and supermarket.

In keeping with the University’s wish to create a highly sustainable development, the project will be powered by a state of the art CHP powered energy centre, with a closed circuit district heating network.

Vital Energi continue to work with a number of developers to expand the network and connect additional buildings and dwellings as the project grows, with district heating works scheduled to continue until 2020.

The LOGSTOR system was chosen for this project because it provided the best whole life solution for our client.

CO2 reduction was one of the main drivers for the University, who wanted to keep the environmental impact of the development to a minimum. The LOGSTOR Pipe system achieved this by delivering the minimal heat losses which ensure both CO2 reductions and financial savings are maximised.

”We understand the Logstor product range and installation process and we have confidence in their Jointing systems. This allows us to offer some of the longest installation warranties in the industry which is great for our clients,”  Brendan Clancy, Business Development Manager, Vital Energi."

Phase one of the project saw the installation of the main 2.35km spine which extends from the central energy centre. The "spine" of the district heating network is made up of LOGSTOR 300mm Single Pipe flow and return with 150mm twin pipe branches and due to the close proximity of other utilities all sections of pipework were installed to a 50mm tolerance.

Vital Energi now continue to install district heating extensions on the project and are currently using LOGSTOR products, such as the 5m x 2.5m vertical house entry bends, which were specified to reduce the number of joints, reducing potential maintenance issues through design and specification.