District heating is included in the Danish energy policy as a key factor with a view to establishing a heating sector that is completely non-reliant on fossil fuels. District heating can be generated on the basis of any kind of primary source of energy, and it is simple to switch from one source to another.

Today, the heat for more than 60% of Danish homes stems from district heating, and the long-term objective is to increase this figure to 75% – including the switch from heating with natural gas to district heating. Located in the Municipality of Roskilde, Himmelev comprises around 1,500 single family residences. In future, district heating is to replace natural gas as the source of heating in Himmelev. Heat transmission in the area around Copenhagen is handled by two companies, each with its own assignment. VEKS is responsible for establishing the new transmission pipeline to Himmelev and for the future district heating supply. CHP production based on biomass and heat from incineration plants make up the most significant sources.

The distribution network is owned and run by the municipal company Roskilde Forsyning A/S. LOGSTOR is supplying the pipe system for the transmission pipeline, the distribution network and the branch pipes to each individual house. The transmission pipeline is 7.3 km long and consists of two single pipes for supply and return flow, respectively. It forms a connection between VEKS’ existing network from Risø and a heat exchanger station in Himmelev, where Roskilde Forsyning takes over the heating and distribution assignment. The E-Comp concept was used for the design of the transmission pipeline in combination with curved pipes, because this reduces the total pipe run and the number of bends.

EW joints were selected for the joins, and they were installed by certified LOGSTOR fitters. These weld joints were installed using LOGSTOR WeldMaster, a system that controls the welding process and registers all data for the positions of the individual sleeves as documentation. The pipes for the transmission pipeline are fitted with copper sensor wires.

LOGSTOR’s delivery of the transmission pipeline:

  • 4,600 m of pipe, size DN 250
  • 9,900 m of pipe, size DN 200
  • EW joints
  • Installation of EW joints
  • Installation in 2012/13, brought online in 2013.

For additional information, contact:

Jan Dommerby
Area Sales Manager, LOGSTOR