Client: Aberdeen Heat & Power· Contract scope: £250,000
Timescale: March – August 2016
LOGSTOR contact: Christopher Hill,, +44 7788 284884


  • Suppling pre-insulated district heating pipe and fittings
  • Reducing carbon emissions by 45% and typical fuel costs to tenants by up to 50% over the previous heating system



LOGSTOR is working with Aberdeen Heat & Power Ltd, which is a ‘not for profit’ company that was set up by Aberdeen City Council in 2002, to develop district heating and CHP (Combined Heat & Power) schemes in Aberdeen.
This latest project is for a multi-lot project to install combined heat and power district heating at Smithfield, Manor Walk, & Rosehill Areas, Aberdeen.
A number of networks already exist across the city with various energy centres and supplies around 2050 flats in 33 multi story blocks and 13 public buildings. Carbon emissions from these buildings have reduced by 45% and typical fuel costs to tenants have been reduced by up to 50% over the previous heating system. 
Comments Christopher Hill, UK Sales Manager for LOGSTOR: “These are exciting times in the development of District Heating within Aberdeen City.
Logstor has, to date, supplied over 8km of the Series 1 and Series 3 pipes (refernce to the insulation thickness), which achieve very-low lambda levels – resulting in much-reduced energy losses and guarenteeing lower cost energy.”

The Challenge
This is an ambitious project that needs to provide energy efficiency to reduce fuel poverty, low-cost heating to hard to heat properties (i.e. multi-storey blocks), and reduce the carbon footprint of Aberdeen City.

“This is an award winning district heating network which is, in part due to the cost effectiveness of the design and the technology being used. Logstor pipes provide excellent heat-loss credentials which reflect the aspirations for low carbon energy and the requirement for a cost effective solution”, Ian Booth, General Manager from Aberdeen’s Heat and Power 

The Technology
The project is using a combination of Logstor Single and TwinPipe systems. These steel pre-insulated pipes are insulated with polyurethane (PUR) foam and outer casing of polyethylene (PE-HD), which comply with BS EN253 and are suitable for district heating and cooling networks. Series 3 is used on the ’flow’ as the pipes provide higher insulation and reduced heat losses.

  • The calculated continuous operating temperature is 140°C
  • The maximum short peak operating temperature is 150°
  • The calculated continuous surface temperature is 50°C
  • Operating pressure 25 bar

The pipes are a bonded system meaning the carrier pipe, insulation and outer casing are moulded together to form a solid unit. They include two copper wires for use with the leak surveillance system.

LOGSTOR uses both external and in-house testing facilities to measure and control the insulation values of its pipes. This robust and transparent testing proves the insulation values obtained for all products are significantly better than demanded for pre-insulated pipe systems and the built in diffusion barrier ensures the quality is the same over the lifetime of the network.

In addition, the single components of LOGSTOR pipes are designed with the aim to ensure easy and fault free installation. Intelligent data management offers further quality assurance and the installation of a 24/7 surveillance system - LOGSTOR Detect - as an integrated part of a district heating network, means any possible fault can be identified and repaired, minimising downtime, repair costs and increasing network service life.

"This is an exciting energy project and one of the most successful district heating systems in the country. The scale of the network, the carbon savings generated and the benefits to the local community make it unique. Aberdeen Heat & Power is a great example to other organisations of what can be achieved", Christopher Hill, LOGSTOR