The news is out ... LOGSTOR PertFlextra is unveiled!

Today, we are proud to launch a new flexible pipe system, LOGSTOR PertFlextra that will lead to a lot of values to our customers and, on several features, outperform what we see on the market today. ONE PRODUCT offering flexibility, low heat loss and long lifetime through innovative design!

LOGSTOR PertFlextra is a complete range of diffusion tight, flexible pre-insulated pipes for community - and district heating according to prEN17878-1/2.

The service pipe in PertFlextra is made of polyethylene PE-RT type II, featuring an aluminium diffusion barrier that prevents the diffusion of oxygen into the water and water vapor from the water into the insulation, ensuring dry insulation over lifetime.

The service pipe is insulated with polyurethane foam (PUR) and the outer casing is a corrugated casing of PE-HD with built in EVOH diffusion barrier that will ensure that heat loss property will not deteriorate over lifetime.

It is available as single and TwinPipe systems and includes all press couplings, casing joints, fittings, and tools needed to establish a complete pre-insulated flexible piping network.

Peter Jorsal, Product & Academy Manager says: “We have invested heavily in our pipe technology and the launch of this new flexible district heating pipe system underpins our commitment to the future of heat networks.

Flexible pipes are the ideal choice for many district heating projects where there is a need to reduce installation times and lower the capital cost for system owners and developers.

We have made great efforts to ensure that our new PertFlextra pipe offers premium performance. Over a working life of minimum 50 years (according to prEN17878), the operational cost savings -due to low heat loss - speak for themselves!”

Want to find out more about PertFlextra? Check out the brochure, or alternatively reach out to Peter directly. Either way … our team is here to help.