As the first step we connect to our LOGSTOR WeldMaster PE welding machine and introduce a new tool for controlling the welding process.

The LOGSTOR Connect WeldMaster tool controls the communication between the joint and the welding machine and it is to replace our existing PDA solution. All features, scan options and remote support as we know it from the PDA are naturally also available in the LOGSTOR Connect WeldMaster tool.

The LOGSTOR Connect WeldMaster tool provides a user-friendly and intuitive welding flow with ample options for improved documentation i.e. via a Photo Documentation feature implemented for different phases in the welding process.

With LOGSTOR Connect we lift the full WeldMaster solution to next level technology and together with the WeldMaster portal we offer a one-of-a-kind solution enabling both Utilities and Contractors to have better overview of ongoing projects and excellent documentation.

LOGSTOR Connect - WeldMaster Onboarding Guide.

If you want to learn more about the full WeldMaster solution and onboarding, please refer to LOGSTOR WeldMaster 5.0.

Terms of Use

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Key features

  • Photo documentation for WeldMaster during preparation, process, and completion.
  • Prevent unnecessary welding-stops through easy access via smartphone.
  • Easy and direct access to product information and user manuals.
  • Modern mobile network access to 4G and 5G as earlier generations outdates.

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