InsuPipe® 150

The LOGSTOR InsuPipe® 150 is an onshore thermal insulation system for pipelines to mainttain a constant operating temperature of 150°C for the complete lifetime of the system - 30 years. The system is designed to be cost-effective, with end-to-end features and moisture surveillance to maintain integrity over the lifetime of the pipeline.


A: Steel pipe
B: AC coating optional
C: Moisture surveillance
D: Diffusion barrier
E: PUR foam
F: HDPE casing

Product description

  • Steel inner pipe with optional Anti-Corrosion Coating (FBE)
  • PUR density 70 kg/m³ and thickness 20 - 120 mm
  • HDPE casing 2 mm to 13 mm
  • U-value between 0,2 - 0,72 W/m2K
  • Lambda value from 0,026 W/mK
  • Moisture surveillance system embedded in the insulation
  • Heat tracing is available as an option
  • Compatible welded or shrinkable field joints are available
  • Bends and specialty fittings can be manufactured
  • HDD joints, with increased

Application process

1 Washing/cleaning


2 Holiday detection by coated pipe

Holiday detection by coated pipe

3 Induction heating

Induction heating

4 PUR spray PUR insulation on

PUR spray PUR insulation on

5 HDPE casing extrusion and PE welding in case water seals are not applied

HDPE casing extrusion and PE welding in case water seals are not applied

6 Cooling


7 Automatic pipe separation

Automatic pipe separation

8 Cutbacks cleaning

Cutbacks cleaning

Coating system - main features

  • LOGSTOR InsuPipe systems uses a specially designed polyurethane foam formulation combined with a high density polyethylene casing to ensure that long term insulation performance is maintained
  • The system offers very high insulation performance that meets the EN253 and other major specifications
  • An industry leading moisture surveillance system can detect leaks immediately and provides increased integrity over the life of the pipeline
  • Mobile plants are available to minimize logistics
  • End-to end solutions include field joints, bends, fittings and HDD solutions
  • A heat tracing option is available

Plan capabilities

  • Pipe diameter 6’’ to 42’’ (150 mm to 1.050 mm)
  • Pipe lengths 6 m to 24 m (6 m pipes can be randomly placed on the line)
  • Pipe weight up to 10 tons
  • Minimum operating service temperature -20°C
  • Maximum operating service temperature +150°C