LOGSTOR successfully completed the project for the Client in the scheduled timeframe.  The pipeline is being installed over two seasons and will be commissioned in 2017.  This project had a few firsts for Canada.  It is the longest insulated oil pipeline, it featured the longest directional drill of 2.1 km under the Athabaska River and used the latest LOGSTOR technology for moisture surveillance.  Other features of the project included the coating of over 300 bends as well as several large valves and fittings.

LOGSTOR’s new plant setup in Canada was designed to execute this project locally in Alberta and will be used for future oil sands projects.

TransCanada pipeline

The Northern Courier Project is one of the premier projects currently being executed by TransCanada Pipelines. The pipeline is 90km (56 miles) in length and will transport bitumen between the Fort Hills mine site and the East Tank Farm located north of Fort McMurray, Alberta. The project was executed in Camrose, Alberta, where a portion of the contract was sub-contracted to Shaw Pipe Protection, a division of ShawCor. 

The Project consists of coating 90km of 24 inch (610 mm) diameter pipe with insulation. Additionally, LOGSTOR’s proprietary moisture surveillance system was installed through the entire pipeline. A complete system was produced and supplied including, insulated bends, valves and field joints. LOGSTOR Oil and Gas received the project award from TransCanada Pipelines.

TransCanada awarded the 90km insulated pipeline to LOGSTOR. LOGSTOR’s standard onshore product was used with an integrated moisture surveillance system. Bends and valves were insulated to specification for the Project and LOGSTOR supplied the field joint kits and associated installation equipment to the contractor along with training and support services.

LOGSTOR successfully supplied for the project its using the standard onshore thermal insulation solution with the following properties:

• Flowline total coating thickness of 85mm, PUR@77 mm & HDPE@7,8mm.

• Thermal Coefficient (U-value) of 0.027 W/(m2K).

• Foam density of 70 kg/m3.