LOGSTOR Design Tool offers the possibility to calculate axial stress level, expansion at bends and branches, location and amount of expansion cushions, and other calculation functions needed to make a complete static layout of a pipe system.

All calculation functions are available for both single pipe and TwinPipe and when the calculation results are complied with, a minimum design life of 30 years is ensured.

If the calculation results exceed the allowable values, a warning is shown on the screen.

The calculation results are accompanied by graphics showing the location and number of expansions cushions. Calculations can be exported to a PDF file and saved.

LOGSTOR Design Tool is based on the calculation methods and the design rules given in LOGSTOR Design Manual, which is based on optimization of technical and economic aspects.

By using the Design Tool, which complies with the LOGSTOR Design Manual, and by taking local conditions into account, it is ensured, that the designed bonded pipe system is on the level with the static requirements in the European standard EN13941.

This compliance means that dimensions up to and including DN 300 can be designed with this Design Tool as documentation.

The Design Tool calculations are only guiding for dimensions larger than DN300.

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