The world’s energy systems keep growing to unprecedented level. However, energy efficiency has a huge potential that is increasingly being recognized. A reduction in fuel and energy bills, as well as, reduced air pollution is a sustainable reality. It is absolutely paramount pursuing the efficiency with which energy and materials are used in the industry.

Whenever energy is generated, transported or stored, part of the valuable resource might get lost unless properly insulated.
Insulation is Key to drive to Energy Efficiency.

LOGSTOR wants to be a leading supplier for onshore and offshore pre-insulated pipelines and services for oil and gas by: 

Providing to his clients with competitive solutions that are delivered on-time and are able to meet project performance requirements

  • Mobilization Strategy – Partner with the Client by utilizing mobile assets
  • Reliability Strategy - Fully approve all existing products and processes to demonstrate technical reliability and develop product extensions to increase competitive advantage
  • New Technology Strategy – Strive for R&D. Introducing of new technologies and processes with focus on Deepwater and LNG

LOGSTOR in essence poised to be The Number One Thermal Solution provider in the selected niche of the O&G market, created to be the supplier of choice with excellent delivery service, largest assortment of products, impressive technical knowledge & engineering capabilities, special products & customization, customer friendly interface.