The LOGSTOR SafePipe is a peerless pipe system for transporting oil products with optimal environmental protection. The benefits of the system are self-evident: LOGSTOR SafePipe is the preferred pipeline solution for this assignment.

Project owner: Fjernvarme Fyn, Denmark

The kick-off meeting for this assignment was held at Fjernvarme Fyn. LOGSTOR was involved in measuring and inspecting the site prior to the meeting, and has even prepared strategy sketches backed by suggestions for how best to execute the project. The customer found this form of assistance most welcome, well aware that the project would be handled by LOGSTOR’s skilled staff from start to finish.

LOGSTOR was chosen to carry out this assignment, and was thus called upon to deliver all the SafePipe components – including the incorporated SafePipe tracer, as well as a complete alarm system designed to locate leaks and pinpoint their position to within one metre. On request from the company, checks were likewise performed on all welds.

The customer’s view was that given that all the pipes had to be replaced, there was no reason not to choose the best possible replacement. And in this case, that meant LOGSTOR’s SafePipe system. LOGSTOR is well-known on the market, recognised in particular for its attention to quality.

The other key criterion for choosing LOGSTOR was that the SafePipe system makes it easy to monitor the pipe network and locate any leaks quickly. The surveillance system needs no additional energy to transfer signals to the alarm unit. Thanks to this system, fewer manual inspections are required, which naturally helps cut working hours.

Ebbe Jørgensen from Fjernvarme Fyn says: “… the future is looking bright, and we are more than sure that when we install LOGSTOR pipes, we can count on the 30-year guarantee.”

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency has approved the project, considering it a good solution.