In 2013, Maersk Oil and the partners in Danish Underground Consortium approved an USD 800 million investment in a new wellhead platform in the Tyra Southeast field. It is the kind of investment needed to secure the future of Danish Oil and Gas production and is contributing positively to Denmark’s economy and employment. LOGSTOR Oil and Gas received an award by Technip for the insulation of the Flowlines, the bends and the application of FJC on spools.

Maersk awarded Technip the EPIC contract (Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Construction) for the WPC Rolf Project. LOGSTOR Oil & Gas received a contract award from Technip to produce and supply the following:

• Reception of carbon steel - 3LPP coated pipes.

• Flowlines insulation: 18km of 8” OD pipes.

• Bends insulation: 9 bends of 8” OD and 9” OD.

• Spools Filed Joints: 23.

• Delivery to Orkanger (Norway) spoolbase.

The contract was awarded in 2014, the pipes produced during the first quarter 2015 and then successfully delivered at the spoolbase where contractor will weld the stalks and apply IMPU field Joints before further installation by reel lay. Bends and spools are produced during summer 2015. LOGSTOR successfully supplied for the project its SinglePipe® - thermal insulation solution (dry insulation) with the following properties:

• Thermal Coefficient (U-value) of 2.5 W/(m2K).

• Foam density of 300kg/m3.

• Flowline total coating thickness of 31mm (3LPP@3mm, PUR@21mm & HDPE@7mm).

• Bends 8” total coating thickness of 37,3mm (Flame Spray 2LPP@3mm, PUR@21mm & HDPE@7,7mm).

• Bends 9” total coating thickness of 40,7mm (Flame Spray 2LPP@3mm, PUR@21mm & HDPE@7,6mm).

• 23 Field Joints on spools.



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